Thursday, February 03, 2011

Downton Abbey

 "You know me, mother, I have to say what I think"  (to Maggie Smith's character, The Dowager Countess).

Maggie Smith's character:
"Why?  No one else does."

Her character also gets the brilliant line of, 'No Englishman would dream of dying in someone else's house!'

Have you, too, gotten sucked into the Gossip Girl meets Upstairs Downstairs that is 'Downton Abbey'?

Oh, my, but is it scandalous!  And, addictive.  Kerfluffle over Apple Charlotte!   The ladies evening gowns!  Oh, the beading.


My two absolute favorite characters and actors.

Bring back the hats!

I had to play a bit.
Here are little boards for 'upstairs' Ladies Mary, Sybil, and Edith... with some modern options:

Lady Edith
Sister City Top

lady sybil

Which character do you like most?  Which do you hate?


mendacious said...

omg. wait! what is this?! i demand to know immediately! where do i tune in?

millie & elsie said...

i know! it was on at 9:30 on pbs but now that season is over. season 2 is 'in production' they say. you should look for the set on netflix, i bet its coming out soon?

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy! I love these outfits you put together! So lovely.