Saturday, February 26, 2011

La nina

My grey Friday ended in torrents of delicious, splashy rain.  After getting in, I watched Fox and the Hound while working on Hap.  Yes, I cried.

I hoped that it would continue to rain all day, and although there is a blue sky now, it rained and hailed pin-head sized ice most of the morning.

Two saucer-eyed fuzzies snuggled closer to me than they usually do (give me my space, mom, geesh, one of the neighborhood cats might see me snuggling, how embarrassing!) while I worked a few more Hap rows and brewed tropical green tea.  I received the tea, along with chocolate and apple teas, as a Christmas present. I cannot wait to go to the store, Spice & Tea Exchange, when I visit my family again.  

Guarding the window to prevent the hail getting in.

Watching the ceiling in wonder at the noise.
Snow is topping the foothills just outside of my back door.  I just didn't get any shots worth sharing, but yes, it snowed!

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billypaintbrush said...

Two kitties?

I always liked the rain, it can be quite therapeutic