Monday, February 28, 2011

my faves

Because fancy dresses are a good percentage of why I watch, here is my recount of favorite dresses from Sunday.

I really love all the paillettes and sequins that appeared in this whole last season of awards.  I wondered who would wear sparkles and if they would look, 'Been there, done that'.  But, I think everyone that wore sparklies last night did so in a different or timeless way.  I loved Halle Berry's dress.  I think it was the perfect combination of sparkles and tulle. I also liked Mandy and Hailee's dresses, which had similar detailing.

So, of the sparkly, ethereal dresses, Halle wins. 

In terms of the popping red dresses, I think everyone who wore them (like Sandra, and Anne on the red carpet) looked completely classic.  However, one dress stood above all the, otherwise knock-out, reds- 

Jennifer Hudson.  She rocked that color that I might say is quite in right now (having no credits towards being someone who can say something is 'in'). 

Attempting to be more fashion forward, I will say that I think the designer that I made mental note of frequently this awards season, and in magazine spreads, was Jenny Packham.

The color, the femininity, the sparkles.  All good.

I am picking up bright, orangey reds and peaches like a magpie.  
 I love this bittersweet lipstick and this chubby cheeks polish.

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