Wednesday, March 02, 2011

necklace project

Some of the neatest ladies in town let me hang with them sometimes.  We make things.  I made a scrunched up scarf for my sister's birthday a few months ago.  She reports that it didn't hold together very well.  I consider it a success, however, because throughout the trying process of working with elastic thread in my bobbin, I cursed very few times.

The latest project us ladies worked on together is this playful and fancy necklace.  The inspiration came from this yarn necklace.  One lady made a hip jersey necklace (fashioned after this), and inspired me to buy a rotary cutter (40% off at Joann's last week).

I used some remnants of thick n quick for the three strands of braids.  One loop is braided with one piece of yarn each, the next loop is braided with two pieces of yarn in each strand, and the largest is braided with triple thickness for each.   After securing the end bits with 'crazy stitch' hand sewing, I covered the 'seam' with a piece of wide silk ribbon (less than 1 yard).  The bow is only tied, not sewn closed, in case I want it undone. 

The buttons are vintage from Millie.
I couldn't decide where to fasten them; right now, they are as in the first picture, but that might change.

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Anonymous said...

I love love LOVE how this necklace turned out! Well done Wendall!