Wednesday, April 13, 2011

friendship bracelet instructions

When I was planning the 80's shower, I wanted to have a table with embroidery floss and a friendship bracelet how-to.  I couldn't find clear, easy to read instructions (with photos) online.  There are some delightful videos on YouTube of young ladies making very intricate designs, and watching someone is perhaps the most helpful way to learn, but I needed something I could print out and leave near the floss.  So, I made *~this PDF*~ of how to create a simple candy striped bracelet, so you can make bracelets, too!

There should be a little cloud icon with an arrow under the pdf image, that will allow you to download the document and print until your heart is content!  It is also available in the side bar. 
Happy memories!


EG said...

Awesome, Wend!!

Anonymous said...

I just had a flood of memories about making these bracelets! I have loads of embroidery thread, let's make these at our next craft night!