Monday, April 18, 2011

interior revamp

I have been improving on my ability to stave off wants until I have shopped for the perfect (and perfectly priced) item that I have already listed in my 'ok to spend on' column.  One of the things I have been debating with myself about my actual need for is a couch.
 After months of swooning, worrying over cat damage, and deciding that I can, indeed, put it on my credit card and pay it off incrementally,  I have begin my living room remodel.
Behold, the prettiest place to put your keister:
Isn't she lovely?  She is very comfortable, and was on deep discount at Macy's a few weeks ago.

Now, wanting leads to more wanting, fo sho.  So, let me just tell you what else my heart desires, at the same time that I tell you I don't plan on this anytime soon, and am hoping to find thrifty pieces that are in the same artistic scheme.

There are a few bed frames at Ikea that are similar to the retro mod one above, as well as West Elm, and for lower price tags than I was expecting.  I have seen these pillowcases on Ebay every once and awhile, but using the color palette alone is fun, too.  To begin introducing the brighter colors, I will be priming and painting a nice wooden dresser a punchy orange (officially 'Tangy Tangelo from Dutch Boy).  I can't wait to show you!

Other than painting my dresser, the only other dwelling redo's include fixing my living room drapes (I made them myself with a tree house/nailed wood Ikea fabric, and they weren't quite the same length after my first attempt).  It is fairly easy to make drapes by using fusible interfacing- you don't even have to sew them!


billypaintbrush said...

and just in time for the keister parade, too

"in your keister bonnet, with all the frills upon it..."

Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy I love your new keister holder! I would love to come sit on it some time..hint hint. :)