Tuesday, May 10, 2011

50's atomic home

Or, that which leads me to be the most covetous of all- the most recent issue of Covet Garden (thank, you sara louise!!)

The 'entertaining' section even has a diagram for folding won tons.

And, here is some inspiration for your very own mid century cocktail hour, all from etsy:

mid century shot glasses at lookbackvintage

retro drinking glasses at cherryrivers

mid century ice bucket at retrotreasurehunters

vintage wine glasses at abingtonplace

vintage glass cocktail pitcher from velvetandshag

mid century lowball glasses at theelmsvintage
*** And, why not serve a Greyhound or Salty Dog in your new highball glass?

For a Greyhound:
Mix 2oz vodka with 5oz grapefruit juice (ice cold and freshly squeezed, if at all possible)
Garnish with ice, a juicy lime wedge, and a sprinkle of raw sugar
So tasty!

For a Salty Dog:
Mix 2oz gin with 5oz grapefruit juice grapefruit juice (ditto on the cold and squeezie)
Garnish with ice, lime and serve in a salt rimmed glass

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