Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Dress the part

Were you behaving anything like me this weekend?
On Friday, I celebrated at the office with: scones & jam, black currant tea, Cadbury chocolate, sparkling cider and tea sammies.

Over the weekend, I watched several hours of wedding coverage (in bits and pieces).

Pip Pip!

Here are some interesting things I found while hunting more images and information:
This is a gorgeous clip showcasing several historic royal wedding dresses

Another royal wedding chart, highlighting the designers, food and couples involved!

This recipe for biscuit cake is available at Betty Crocker, but it really doesn't look quite like what the baker was making during my extended wedding coverage watching.  They were using crushed biscuits.  Perhaps this recipe, which is slightly different, is more similar. Who will try it?

If you were curious as to the line of succession, ~this list~ even includes those who are excluded for 'becoming' or 'marrying' a Roman Catholic, which is strictly forbidden(!).  ~This~ list goes in the opposite direction, and the same site has a quiz, once you have mastered your dates and houses!

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mendacious said...

can we do a GF version of the cake? cuz it sounds amazing. i wouldnt mind though if it were almost solid chocolate either though...