Thursday, June 16, 2011

beach day

Beach day!

Friend says, "Let's meet early, is 8:30 demonic?"  I am only 7 minutes behind schedule.
Just outside of town, she asks if I have had breakfast (gal after my own heart).  We get nibbles

"Should we stop?" she asks, when we see a 'Honey Tasting Room!' sign.  I'm nervous.  Will it be a little, elderly woman who wants to befriend us and show us pictures all day?  Which, YES, does sound like an incomparable addition to an adventure, but I am unlike my friend, who has the ability to say, if needed, 'Thank you for the spectacular day and the honey really is divine, but we must be on our way. Let's keep in touch!'

We do stop.  We taste: eucalyptus, sage, orange, tropical flower, wildflower, clover, and buckwheat honeys.  She takes an orange honey bear souvenir, I take clover.  We purchase from two very sweet teenagers, but their total lack of need for us existing at all made them the opposite of a lonely gramma lady.

Toward the mission: collecting seaweed.  I am nervous that we will not be allowed to take anything from the beach.  More teenagers who are nonplussed by our existence give us the green light, but only for 20 minutes so we don't have to pay for parking and it becomes a grab and go mission!

We finish off the day with a poetry picnic on the beach.  My friend brought excellent poetry choices to read aloud, The Lady of Chaillot!  And David Kirby (well done, K!)
I hope she isn't too sad that seagulls have actually ripped her lunch right out of her hands.  I would be really sad.  But we did see an eager seal right in front of us, just come up and out of the water, and we saw SO many dolphins! At least two different PODS, one smaller and one grand, swimming in and out of sight.

I warned her I am a car sleeper, so the rest of the trip is sort of hazy. 
My clover honey is delicious, though, spread thickly over sliced bread.

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billypaintbrush said...

Sure hope there are more stories on this. This looks like an interesting adventure.

Yep. More, please.