Monday, June 06, 2011

office cat

Have you seen this post?  It's from some time ago, but I love it.

Doesn't every office need a fuzzy office manager?  Someone to do the books?

Of course, the trouble with a cat supervisor in a yarn and pin filled office is... a lot of time spent saying 'No', 'Tsk'! 

Here is my current knitting project, aka, where they like to knead and 'make biscuits':

This is just a simple 1x1 rib, knitting bernat wool felting that you can pick up at Joann's, on a big, big (maybe 17?) circular needle.

I have a question for all the knitters.  For every row I knit that feels 'easy', the following row feels like I go a quarter of the speed, and like my hand is contorting slightly.  Does this happen to anyone? 

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