Thursday, June 30, 2011


And, speaking of tomatoes...
I made a sort-of ratatouille/veggie stew last night, with tomatoes, eggplant, green and red bell peppers, and zucchini.  Oh, and chickpeas.  And, lots of herbes de Provence.  I like cooking one veggie at a time, but all in the same stock pot, and then pushing them to the outer edges of the pan and cooking the new veggie in the middle.

Several friends are tending to tomato plants now, and I've gotten a few of their bountiful harvests!

What are your favorite vegetables to plant in your garden?


billypaintbrush said...

Oh, how timely. Yesterday, I had a shrimp sammich for lunch and it came with a salad that was just tomato chunks and cuke pieces with teeny bits of spinach. The dressing was a vinaigrette. Deelish? uh, huh.

wendy said...

oh, you know what my favorite vegetable is right now? spinach! i steam it, and if i have it, i shave a little parmesan over it. mmmmmmmm