Tuesday, August 23, 2011

how fun!

I want to go to this party
It's a 'jazz age' themed lawn party:
"Under a shady grove of centuries-old trees, caressed by fresh sea air, a sprawling green surrounded by historic officers’ quarters and 18th century naval ramparts becomes the setting for a true Gatsby affair".

Check out all ~these~ outfits! Swoon!

They even have a pie contest, and you have to read this article about last years winner. She is going on the wall of 'you are awesome and I want to be like you but be me, too- and please come to dinner!'
Maybe I could wear this dress:
from dingaling on etsy

Actually, empty hoops would be amazing, and inexpensive, wall decor. 

The hoops could be left unfinished for a Midwest mod look, or painted or embossed in a metallic gold (or even covered in microbeads?) to look similar to those early 60's wall art sculptures. My gram had pretty awesome butterflies that I ~so~ wish my family had kept.  Similar to this, but each butterfly was separated:

from mementoretro on etsy
Cheers to fun, cheers to creativity!

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