Thursday, August 04, 2011

I just read ~this article~. Not only is it fascinating, it quells that weird 'if you aren't insatiably searching out the latest MEAT au courant (lionfish? really?), then what the heck kind of gourmand foodie chef could you possibly be?' school of thought.  Find more photos in the article link above, and ~here~, of 'dopplelganger' dinners- identical dishes made vegan and meat centered.  Look at these gorgeously artistic desserts, made from entirely different ingredients:

                                                                  (photo by steph goralnick)

Speaking of food, is anyone else magnetized to 'Masterchef'? Oy! It makes me so anxious, but I can't stop watching.  One of the recent episodes had a gourmet grilled cheese and tomato soup challenge.  ~These~ would have been fun to serve (thanks for sharing, Sara!!)  I think mine would have had smoked Gouda and smoked Cheddar in the sammie.

Tangent #2  Smoked Cheddar is just as delicious as smoked Gouda, and I know that because I went to get the Gouda for ~this recipe~, but didn't go to TJs, so it would have been $8 for only 1/2 a pound.  Subbing the Cheddar was most delicious.


billypaintbrush said...

had a duck confit on a crunchy baquette for lunch today
nice sammich....mmmmm..

adellelouise said...

It would be interesting to be able to taste the dishes and see how different they would be!