Friday, August 19, 2011

more projects

I wanted to spiffy up my place a bit, without spending much $$ (when is the opposite ever the goal?)

After purchasing the paint back in APRIL!, I refinished some furniture.  After attempting to paint over a varnished wood coffee table and having terrible results ( the primer peeled right off), I was skeptical to attempt it again. 
I came across ~this tutorial~ (inspired from a post on apartment therapy), so I got the itch.
I used at least two coats of 'shellac' based primer
Do not use a sponge brush for shellac (like the tutorial suggests for a water/latex base). 
The primer eats the sponge.
I found decent results using the paint with the sponge and bristle brush, but throw a sponge brush away after each project IF you end up using it for multiple paint projects. It loses its structure.
My side table before
Slowly, thinly.  This was really hard for me. I'm a slapper on-er. An 'oh i want to do THAT project, too' 1/2 way through what I am doing.  My mom made it look so easy! 

Go slowly.  I had a bottle of ammonia nearby with cotton balls to sort of use like nail polish remover to even out fresh patches that were not smooth.

~ I did not use a top coat, which I think is fine for the side table ( I used semi-gloss paint).  I might use a top coat for the dresser project.

After several coats of Dutch Boy Dirt-Fighter Semi Gloss in Tangy Tangelo:

This is a charming little tea tin my sister found for me. Currently, it is holding delicious kitty treats and resting on my new table.

I also did my dresser.  In natural light (above), the paint is more cameo peach than the punchy orange below. 

The dresser was a beautiful dark brown wood, and it looked romantic and old fashioned in a hardwood floored room streaming with sunlight.  Alas, that is not what my bedroom has now, and although it was sad to paint over such a pretty wood (with a little marring on the lacquered top), it was time for a refreshment.

Finished dress photos coming soon!

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billypaintbrush said...

... not what it is now... Did you move? I just sent a postcard

your projects look splendid, by the way