Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend of projects

I packed up my sewing projects and headed off to my second sewing lesson last weekend.
My instructor taught me to trace my pattern (and the specific style and size) onto paper.  My question of, 'wait, so you can only make one size with a pattern?' was answered with this revelatory information, and I also know I need ~this~ tool.

Although I have been craft sewing for years, I did not know how to read and use a pattern.

Three hours passed in which I learned to trace, cut, label, and then begin to pin my pieces.  I have started sewing the yokes together, while practicing:
~starting with the needle down and finding your seam allowance (then lowering the foot to secure fabric before sewing)
~french seams

This has been really fun.  I thought I knew how to sew, because I know how to .... sew things.  But there have been so many details that my instructor just sprinkles on me from years of experience and the process of making something becomes simple, straight forward, and rewarding.

                                                         French seam inside of sleeve

                                    Yolk of child's dress, in a sweet yellow calico

The pieces are waiting quietly in my sewing bag; I don't want to move forward without my instructor. I am going back for another lesson soon. Be ready for show and tell soon!

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billypaintbrush said...

This is a pretty seamy tale.
Sew what, I know