Thursday, September 08, 2011

seeing stars

This town has been a hard sell for me, even though I've been here all of my post-college, adult life.  My friends are my anchor, and I try to see the city the way they do, which I'm sure this blog itself is tired of being used to express!

When family comes to visit, I try to find the most peaceful, relaxing things to do with them.  My mom recently came to town with the idea that we should do something 'Hollywood' because I usually try to take her out of town so quickly that she can't even digest that we were on the icky freeway.  The last time I tried to do something 'Hollywood', I took my dad to Ripleys and the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Just leave your admission money on the sidewalk!  Not a great experience.  But, we were going to do the Star Walk, and I admit, researching where all the stars were placed had made me excited for an adventure.

From the moment my mom and I left the airport parking lot, adventure was on our side.  After a light bite of lunch, we hit the pavement!  We had mapped out where all of the stars were placed, highlighting over lunch each of the stars we could not miss (Audrey, Kate, Barbra).  We had an idea of who we really wanted to spot, but walking and being surprised at all of the stars was such a treat.
Mom and me, ready to see sights!

Me and Lucy in front of a typical Hollywood Blvd shop.

Mom in proper stance, with Mae West

Mom and me with our favorite Hepburns.

I am still thinking about what a great time we had!  For the cost of parking and a snack, we reminisced about our favorite stars, and what movies we loved them in.  We remembered stars from the 20's (Myrna), stars coming into vixen-hood in the 50's (Liz), stars we knew from old radio programs (George & Gracie, Fiber McGee & Molly), and so many others!

We parked on Wilcox, I applied sunscreen, and made sure I had a bottle of water in my bag.  We went east on the south side of Hollywood Boulevard until we hit Vine, then walked south on Vine and then back north up to Hollywood.  We caught more stars on Hollywood Blvd until Argyle, then we walked back the way we came but on the north side of the street.  We did go north on Vine before continuing all the way to Grauman's Chinese Theater. 

We did not encounter a crowd until Grauman's, and I think that is when we noticed it was getting quite hot.  We kept walking west until La Brea, and then walked back east on Hollywood (stopping for a cold beverage at the Disney store and soda fountain).  We had to reassess there, because we had not seen Barbra yet.  It turns out, she was right near Grauman's, and we must have missed her while trying to squeeze out of the crowd.

So, after going back to the Chinese Theater, we completed our star walk on the south side of Hollywood Blvd and made it sweatily but safely back to our car.


mendacious said...

love it! particularly the photo of you and audrey. fan-tastic!

snub-pollard forever!

billypaintbrush said...

i hear ed o'neil who played al bundy just got his star in front of a shoe store

all in all, looks like a nice adventure