Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Belated post on Chocolate Babka

So, yes, I get the Goop newsletter. And, yes, there was a time when I really wanted to be Gwyneth Paltrow, but when you dye your hair blonde yourself, it tends to turn out more 'brass statue' than say, 'golden sunrise'.  Meh, what can you do.  Anyway, I had to make the Chocolate Babka as soon as I saw the recipe.

That meant overcoming my yeast phobia.  Searching on the google to see if there was a real, coined word for yeast-aphobia garnered instead link after link of food bloggers with the same affliction.  Here is a brief article regarding some of the properties of yeast.

But, for the love of chocolate bread, I had to push forth!
My activated, frothy yeast!

I carefully followed all the steps until it was time to add the chocolate.  I didn't measure the dough into 3 loaves as evenly as I could have, and then there was chocolate filling leftover after all 3 loaves were filled and folded.  I used some in the struesel topping, and it worked swell. 

My kitchen smelled homey and yeasty, and the bread was eggy and chocolatey and warming and delicious!


Anonymous said...

Oh Wendy, how I miss you! This looks absolutely deelish! Will I get to see your beautiful face when I'm in town next week? I hope so....

billypaintbrush said...

I get to see your beautiful smiling face soon, too.