Monday, October 03, 2011

beaded card

I found my hidden PBS station! The very first episode of Foyle's War aired last night!  Don't you love when you see the first episode of a show you've come to love?  Like, Foyle didn't always know Sam, and she quickly begins to win his affection by deftly maneuvering a garbage pail lid!  And,before he was Mr. Tumnus, a very young James McAvoy was a local romantic for 1 episode.

 'The Thin Man' aired next, so I stayed up and did a bit of paper crafting.

In 'Alabama Stitch Book', they show how to make beaded post cards, and I've been wanting to make them for years.

Here is how I made mine last night:
~Cut 1 piece cover weight paper (pictured is 'Paper Bag') into 4 pieces, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (A2) size.
(For best results, use a self healing cutting mat, a straight edge metal ruler, and an utility cutter).

~If desired, round corners with corner rounder tool.

~Map out in general where you want your holes to be with a pencil and ruler (the pencil marks aren't very visible on the paper bag.  I erase them after hammering).

~Using a finishing nail and a regular old hammer on your self healing mat, make holes on the pencil marks by hammering the finishing nail lightly.

Now, the artsy part!  Thread a beading needle, pull thread into and through the first hole, and tie securely  (I like to tie three times when sewing, but depending on your holes, just make the knot large enough to stay).

~You can now begin embroidering the card with thread and bead in your desired design!~

Bugle beads work nicely for this, and I purchased mine here: JuneMoon Beads on Etsy

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