Thursday, December 15, 2011

20's murder mystery

I was invited to a 20's themed 'Murdery Mystery Night'.
It was so, so fun.
The vintage store I had great luck at before left me high and dry this time, so it was a scramble to pull an ensemble together.

Dress, thrift store, $6
Pearls, my gramma's

                             FAUX fur wrap - 1/2 yard of fake fur at Joann's (no sewing)

                                              Tights, Anthropologie (mine)
                                          Shoes, possibly the brand MIA (mine)

I tried (and cried) so hard on my hair and make up. I burned my knuckle using those open 'curling rods', and cried while poorly attempting eye liner... which... of course... made it much worse...
Cheeks:  Benefit Benetint
Lips- shaped with Revlon's 'Just Bitten' Gothic (it's like a marker on one side)

Friends at the party!

                                                                         vintage brooch!

Happy Olden Days and Golden Days!

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A "Thoroughly Modern" Look!