Friday, December 09, 2011

to be a queen

I've been meaning to gossip about royals with you for a month, but I think the possibility of the inheritor being permissed to marry a Roman Catholic is especially old news now that 'scone-in-the-oven' prattle is swirling and Christmas is on it's way!

I love this little velvet partridge ornament.
I think it has been 'loved on' by more than one furry friend.

What have you been doing? 
I have been: drinking Trader Joe's candy cane green tea, finishing my sewing lesson project (photos to come!), reading/ listening to The Carrie Diaries and this book review (fascinating!), decorating for Christmas, and accepting chocolates at whatever time of day they are offered to me!

twinkly light tree in progress, with helper

I hope you are able to relax by a fire or a kitty, sip something spiked, and enjoy a few quiet hours!


Anonymous said...

I wondered if the "village " piece was still in tact!

Anonymous said...

What's this you say about Candy Cane Green Tea? Oh how I miss Trader Joe's and more!