Friday, February 17, 2012

as my sister and leslie knope say, 'happy galentine's day!'

My sister and I love Valentine's Day because our parents had single carnations in a bud vase and a little box of chocolates waiting for us on the kitchen table every year when we were little.
We also love Valentine's Day because we like holidays and reasons to give and receive cards in the mail.  Who is against a letter that isn't a bill? WHO!? I can be down right cranky much of the time, but I don't feel like the greeting card/ postage stamp racket is something I need to lose sleep from.
People who don't like Valentine's Day and say the overused 'C' word (it's so "Commeeeeerrrcial") are full of bologna sausage, in my book, and I don't have any patience for them.

Leslie Knope has it it straight on the head in the pre Valentine's Day episode of Parks and Recreation two weeks ago, by celebrating Gal-entine's Day on Feb 13th.

Happy belated Galentine's *and* Valentine's Days, friends!

I made some simple sugar cookies and pink buttercream with my new forest friends cookie cutters.  Foxies, squirrels, and lots of little hedgies!

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Danica said...

Did you get those characters from Ikea? I got a bunch that included a moose and a hedgehog. Thorne's been using them with playdo, but they'd be adorable as cookies just like yours!