Tuesday, February 07, 2012


This article is exciting and happy making to me!

In that vein, maybe this Valentine's, you want to show a little love to a garden patch?

to buy....or want...

Bird Nesting Ball
bird nest balls
West Coast Seed Bombs - Bird Bee and Butterfly Friendly DIY Guerilla Gardening Seeds Seed Balls
seed bombs

15 Bird Seed Bag Favors
seed favor bags
75 Bird Seed Favors - Wedding favor
seed favors

vintage gardening book collection red, orange, yellow, driftwood book bundle prop display home decor horticulture botany reference
vintage gardening

Organic Onion Chives Heirloom Herb Seeds
chive seeds

Organic Vegetable Seeds, Blue Shackamaxon Pole Bean, heirloom seeds from our farm in handmade seed packets
heirloom blue shackamaxon pole bean

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