Wednesday, February 08, 2012

snack mix

I made a pretty amazing snack this weekend, from a Christina Tosi recipe that was featured in the Halloween issue of Food and Wine last fall.

Christina Tosi is officially invited to my imaginary celebrity friend party.

You melt butter and mix it with sugar and pretzels, and bake until it becomes food gold.  Oh, and you also use a bit of dry milk powder, which she says is a secret ingredient in a lot of her recipes.  If that is what made this so delectable, it was worth buying the $6 can of dry milk, and I've already found a second use for it (this face mask!). 

Back to the food gold- The final step is tossing in candy... peanut butter and chocolate candy.    Behold:

Snack Mix
photo from f&w david malosh
If  you are not already sold on this, please know that I accidently dropped the last 1/3 of the batch on my floor... and proceeded to lovingly pick each piece up.  You do not throw this away.


Anonymous said...

You are making me drool!

billypaintbrush said...

oh, this isn't a site for sore eyes? sorry, I couldn't resist. i see its


Danica said...

Oh.My.Word. That looks amazing - I'm already beginning to salivate. Promise me you'll make it for me one day.