Friday, April 27, 2012


Hooray for the library! Thank you, parents, for teaching me the library was full of treasures!

I am reading
A Vintage Affair (next, a Lisa See. Has anyone read her? should I start with Shanghai Girls or Snow Flower and the Secret Fan?)

kid:  Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great (next, Starring Sally J Freeman as Herself)
As much as I love Judy Blume and count Just As Long As We're Together as an all time favorite book, I can't believe I haven't read so much of her work!
Also, getting a refresher course on history and classics by reading a DK version of The Odyssey and a book (though poorly edited, Scholastic!) on Gregor Mendel.

Fun coffee table- Lauren Conrad's Style ... I like her!

The only bummer was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on CD.  It just wasn't as engaging as my last pick, The Carrie Diaries.   But, it was funny how often the 'poop deck' gets a reference!


Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome. And thanks for taking note of what we tried to instill in you!

billypaintbrush said...

Is this the line for pie?