Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Spring

I found butterflies and hid eggs.

I ate delicious food on a beautiful table, set with jasmine and geranium.
I didn't get a snapshot, but another gorgeous bouquet of flowers that I loved: white tulips, lavender, and iris.

My contributions were supposed to be devilled eggs (2 kinds, BLT and Caesar).
But, peeling was a bigger challenge than I expected, so I made 'blt egg salad on toast points',
and a crab dip with 'Townhouse' crackers.  Someone brought a fresh baguette, and that was really the tastiest paring for the hot dip.

Dessert was so, so, so good.  How is that for fancy description.  To be honest, I was pretty exhausted by mid afternoon, but I would not leave the party until I got to tuck into (or shove into my mouth):
~~chocolate ganache pie with coconut crust
~~pear torte that I wanted to stuff in my purse.

The host will have to provide recipes.... if she is willing.... they are worthy of secret keeping!

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