Friday, May 04, 2012

s'more bars and other treats

So, I made some 'S'mores' bars.

Another lesson in paying close attention before starting a recipe...*le sigh*
I doubled the recipe, and got two aluminum pans at the store. 
I thought I was getting the right chocolate bars when I purchased regular old Hershey bars, but she does indicate that the LARGE Hershey bars should be used.  I think mine turned out fine, but they were not as ooey gooey as her photo shows.
As you can see, there is an *appropriate* amount of chocolate in the cut bars. 
No shenanigans.
Also, I used mini marshmallows. I will double the amount next time, but using those over the fluff felt really easy and I'll do it again, I tell ya!


I got this 'AVOCA Tea Time' book for Christmas. I love it; the treats are pretty and lovely and Englishy. The recipes are by grams.  More maths. That's fine.

So, I made a sponge.
With whipped cream.
And raspberry jam.
And flowers (but not chamomile, like the photo. Next time!)

A proper sponge, apparently, is just eggs, sugar, and flour.
Who knew!?
My question is, do Brits keep self-rising flour in their cupboards? Maybe that explains the lack of leavening?  Or, maybe it just depends on the eggs?


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billypaintbrush said...

Are there any tools needed in the Cucina d' Wendy?