Monday, April 22, 2013

what's cookin, good lookin?

Are you looking for a new, spring smoothie?
I have been making this one, and it is tasty and soothing to a troubled tummy.

~~green ginger-peach smoothie~~

Full disclosure, the last time I made one, I couldn't figure out why it didn't taste as amazing as the time before.  Substituting mango chunks for peach slices shouldn't make that much of a difference, I said to myself.  The smoothie had an utter lack of taste, save for the ginger's heat.  After blending up the green mess (I'll add a bit more of THIS and THAT to give it something)... I realized my mistake...
I had thrown frozen butternut squash chunks in haphazardly, not mango.  D'oh!  So, don't do that.

Next food topic!
 I hit the 'Heirloom LA' food truck. Such a good life decision. The sage & squash agnolotti were so good, I shut my eyes to eat them.

dessert first- fritters with chocolate sauce
What are you cooking up?


billypaintbrush said...

Had asparagus with onions and pepps, nothing complicated

wendy marquardsen said...

do you cook that with a protein?

billypaintbrush said...

DId I mention I made a turkey? Just been having some of that warmed up evry night