Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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I don't put on makeup every day, but I think it is nice to have a routine for special occasions.  Putting on a little 'lippie' and going out was prescribed as a pick-me-up by a fab lady, and anything to get a homebody excited about going back out into the world is useful.  I'm also trying to use products that are cruelty free, and here is what I've been using lately:

From Drew Barrymore's 'Flower' line (cruelty free and made in USA):

Lip Goss inWhat a Dai-sy, Lovely Lotus, and Hibis-Kiss
Rose Bud and Black Rose lippies
To round out my routine on fancy nights, I also use pore filler first and setting spray last, both just NYX:
They really do give a gal that poreless, finished look.

For looking fancy, I'll also add eye makeup.  I like Drew's easy liner technique, here. Squishing my eyes shut is my maximum skill level.

Stila compact with Organza shimmer, Soft Clay bronzer, and eye shadows: pure, linen, innocent, element, demure, and silk.

I did love the splurgy Dandelion blush from Benefit (I've cross checked multiple sites for info on different brands, and they seem to give a non-answer in terms of cruelty free-ness).  
Flower's 'Forget-me-not' is my new favorite peachy-pink blush, but NYX Dusty Rose is a decent dupe for Dandelion (and Pinched looks good, too!).

And onto nails... I keep reaching for that deep brown/red Oxblood. 

Flower 'Venus Flytrap'

And something that I did awhile ago, inspired by nail art in 'Nails, Nails, Nails!'

A tip I've learned for doing your own nails is to keep a small eyeliner brush in your kit.  After you've applied your polish, take the brush and dip into nail polish remover, and then lightly brush away any polish from around your nail bed.  This will allow for more precision than cotton.

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